Sexist Fans of Miss America Pageant Outraged At Racism After an Indian-American Wins

It wa8C9012909-tdy-130915-miss-america-cvr.blocks_desktop_teasesn’t long after Miss New York Nina Davuluri, a dark skinned women of Indian descent , was picked as Miss America that social media exploded with racist and hateful tweets, calling her a Muslim and not a real American.

Outraged fans of the show, which objectifies women and prioritizes physical appearance above all else, quickly came to Davuluri’s defense and denounced anyone that would judge her for her race.  As @JennyCuetPI said on twitter, “Shame on anyone that judges Miss America for her race. What really matters is that she has a great body,  has perfect teeth and very clear skin.”

Some were upset by the sort of message the outbreak of racism sends to today’s children.  As Michelle Kaufman explained on her Facebook page, “I was actually glad the judges picked a non-Caucasian as Miss America. It sends the message that beauty is not determined by where you come from or the color of your skin, but things that should matter a lot more. Thankfully my 16 year old daughter gets all of that, and that’s why I am rewarding her with that nose job she’s always wanted. ”

The corporate sponsors of the show, which sell everything from makeup products marketed with the premise that a woman’s self-confidence should always be based on her physical appearance to dresses seldom available in any size above 8, also voiced their desire for people not judging Davuluri on her race.

Male fans of the show and its ethnic winner also spoke out. As one fan said on twitter “Nina Davuluri looks really hot in a bikini and I would totally do her. I guess that’s how I know I’m a good person. Cause I’m not racist”



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