Record Labels Hire John Mayer To Date Their Starlets So They Can Release Hit Breakup Albums

John_Mayer_at_the_Mile_High_Music_Festival_(2008-07-20)Hollywood – From Taylor Swift to Lady Gaga to Adele to Katy Perry, it’s become almost a truism that the easiest path to topping the pop charts for female artists is through songs of heartbreak and recovery. To capitalize on this trend and survive the ongoing turmoil in the music business, several record companies have sought the services of the king of dating (and dumping) up and coming female stars.

Mayer has dated everyone from Jessica Simpson to Taylor Swift, and along with a trail of emotional destruction and paparazzi informed melodrama inspired many hits. That’s why record labels are turning to him to help build the careers of the pop stars of tomorrow.

To industry watcher Busty Hillenbrand, its a smart move. “There are female vocalists in every genre that have scored big hits based on emotional drama. Everything from Adele and 21 to Rihanna. Better yet look at someone like Kelly Clarkson, who has seemingly only ever released breakup songs. Since You’ve Been Gone, Behind Hazel Eyes, Because Of You, Already Gone, Mr. Know It All, Stronger and so on.  If that girl ever finds a happy relationship, it might spell the end of her career”

As an unfolding example of the “Mayer Effect,” Hillenbrand pointed out the ongoing relationship between John Mayer and pop queen Katy Perry. “An outside observer might wonder, how could any female star date a guy who is famous for messy relationships and breakups with other female stars? But Perry knows what she’s doing. After all,  as most men will tell you, she is famous for having those really big, nice, soft and round pop songs. Like her recent chart-topper Roar. While other pop stars with smaller but still firm hits might release their breakup songs after dating Mayer, Perry is smart enough to release a breakup song while dating Mayer.”


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