IRS Finally Cracks Down On Tax Loophole Exploited By Evil Entities

Internal_Revenue_Service_logoWashington – After years of doing nothing about loopholes that make a mockery of the US tax code and allow a small group of citizens to ride roughshod over everyone else, the IRS has finally cracked down after a sea-change ruling.

Contrary to popular hopes, it did not close the many loopholes that the Bush Administration handed oil companies.

Nor did it address the Obama loophole that allowed single companies like Citibank to stiff taxpayers on billions.

The Wall Street & Hollywood loopholes that were the only thing Republicans and Democrats agreed on during last years fiscal cliff negotiations were not touched either, and large companies will still be allowed to use accounting shenanigans to avoid paying taxes.

In fact the IRS’s recent target was not corporate entities or the mega rich at all, but rather an insidious group of citizens far more dangerous to civilization and our way of life as we know it. This time around, the IRS went after waitresses and busboys, and the evil treachery they use to get their sub-minimum wage salaries to get closer to the $7.25 an hour figure they probably can’t live off of anyway.

Going forward, restaurants can no longer consider automatic gratuities added to the bills of large groups as tips. They have to count them as wages, meaning waitresses and busboys won’t get the money until later, and will get even less on account of payroll taxes. Many restaurants are dropping the practice of automatic tips as a result, so now employees also run the risk of being under-tipped.

America’s finances are safe again, and citizens can now rest assured that their tax collection agency isn’t just going after the tea party, but also those that serve tea.









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