Die-Hard American Fans of the World Cup Prepare to Forget Soccer Exists For Another Four Years

Soccer-Ball (1)New York – In what has become an American tradition,  hardcore fans who relished the opportunity to show off their love and knowledge of the Beautiful Game prepare to completely forget about its existence until 2018.

For Michael Finn, who posted furiously on social media throughout the tornament, its a welcome break. As he told us “I love Soccer more than anyone, but you can’t expect to care about a sport for more than a few weeks.”

For Sarah Ku, it’s more about the lack of opportunities to watch games. “I love watching soccer, but other than the World Cup when do I get to do that? Its not fair. Like here in New York we have all these pro teams in other sports, but why don’t we have a soccer team?” she inquired us as she was sipping a Red Bull.

Some denied their part-time fandom. When asked about soccer self-declared sophisticant Alex Kline told us “First of all those of us that have traveled beyond the Upper West Side call it football. Second, I follow international play. Isn’t there some team in Manchester? and maybe one in Madrid?”

Most of the World Cup fans in New York that we spoke to did not know the area would be getting a second team next year, when the NYC FC starts playing in the Bronx. Responses were decidedly mixed. Jason Cox, whose twitter feed read like a play by play of America’s elimination game and once joked he had a bro-crush on Tim Howard was skeptical whether he would attend any games. “Its the Bronx” he told us “who ever goes to the Bronx to watch a sporting event?”

One local who asked to remain anonymous had a more cynical outlook. “Look, lets be honest here. A lot of girls just like it cause the players are hot. Some people think feigning interest makes them more international. As for me, I just like the fact that I get to pretend to be an expert. I know the difference between Stoppage Time and Extra Time, and I once skimmed the Wikipedia page on off-sides. That makes me more knowledgeable than 95% of American Wold cup Fans”







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