Conclusive Study Of Kids That Play Video Games Proves Definitively That They Are More Likely To…

Siblings playing video gamesIrvine, California –  In a landmark study that studied the behavior of a large sample of children, researchers have reached an important conclusion on the impact of gaming on child development. The results come at an important junction in American society, where gaming has become a lightning-rod issue and parents struggle to find a proper balance.

Like other culturally important topics such as climate change, the debate often gets politicized, with both sides twisting the facts to verify their own world view. Given the scope of the latest study, many are claiming the issue is now resolved once and for all.

After the results were released, famed video game critic Jack Thompson declared “This study proves what I have been arguing all along. Video games are destructive to child development.”

The Entertainment Software Association, the  lobbying group for the video game industry,  also released a statement, saying:  “This study is yet another piece of evidence that not only are video games not bad for you, but they are in fact a positive”

Jim Matheson, the Congressman that introduced the Video Games Ratings Enforcement Act said in an interview “I hereby renew my call for stricter regulation of the distribution of violent games. Anyone that reads this  study will see why.”

The American Civil Liberties Union also weighed in, admonishing “One of the biggest dangers to our society is the curtailing of people’s constitutional freedoms based on faulty facts and theories. This study shows that those that want to censor entertainment are doing just that”

As for the study, the authors leave little room for interpretation. After years of studying tens of thousands of children, they conclude that children that play video games are far more likely to be good at playing video games.





February 2018
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