Climate Change Activists Scramble To Find New Evidence After Quiet Hurricane Season

Cyclone_Catarina_from_the_ISS_on_March_26_2004Seattle – After last year’s Superstorm Sandy devastated the Northeast and killed over 100 people, many climate change activists believed Americans would more readily accept their doomsday predictions. Early forecasts of an above average 2013 hurricane season added to their optimism. But with meteorologists now conceding that the season has been unusually slow, with no named Atlantic hurricanes through the end of August, the activists are scrambling to find new ways of scaring us straight.

As Jason Wilson of the We Control The Climate Group explained, “Superstorm Sandy was awesome, really really awesome. I mean, it was terrible for the people that died or lost their house or whatever, but it was great for teaching people about climate change.  We were hoping there’d be more storms like that this year. I mean, hopefully nobody would die, but at least they’d learn the lesson. Now we have to find something new to justify our existing forecasts”

To some, the record setting Rim Fire in Yosemite Park offers such a justification. As Miranda Gomez of the Save Our Trees Coalition explained, “we are all very excited about the hundreds of thousands of trees destroyed by this fire. I mean, I love trees and its all tragic and stuff, but this is exactly the kind of thing we’ve predicted climate change would cause, so we are pleased.”

Wilson also remains optimistic. “Our principle motto at the We Control The Climate Group is that our climate is out of control thanks to climate change. So all we have to do to prove the devastating impact of climate change is dig up new evidence that this is indeed the case. That’s the beauty of science. First you make a prediction, then you cherry pick the facts that make it seem true”


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